Self-powered visible-light photodetection with emerging lead-free perovskite derivative

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A research team led by Prof. Pecunia has established the capability of emerging Ag-Bi-I rudorffites, a class of lead-free perovskite derivative, for self-powered visible-light photodetection. 

While halide perovskites have emerged as highly attractive candidates for next-generation optoelectronics, the lead content of their mainstream embodiments has raised significant toxicity concerns, thereby preventing their large-scale commercialisation. This has motivated the search for a green route to perovskite-based optoelectronics, which should rely on new lead-free materials with perovskite-inspired properties. 

Prof. Pecunia’s team has explored for the first time the photodetection capabilities of Ag-Bi-I rudorffites, a class of emerging perovskite-inspired lead-free absorbers that can be deposited through facile, solution-based methods. This has revealed that photodetectors based on Ag2BiI5 can operate without a power supply (self-powered operation), which is particularly attractive for emerging application areas such as wearable health and wellness monitoring. Additionally, these photodetectors exhibit a response that matches well with the sensitivity function of our eyes, and that is particularly insensitive to near-infrared (NIR) light. Therefore, this study demonstrates that Ag2BiI5 photodetectors provide an appealing platform for NIR-blind visible-light photodetectors for next-generation optoelectronics.

In addition to assessing the photodetection capabilities of Ag2BiI5, Pecunia’s team has additionally characterised in detail the optoelectronic properties of the Ag2BiI5 photoactive layers. This provides insight into the interplay among efficiency, collection distance, and film micro-/nano-structure in Ag2BiI5, and points to future directions that may advance the optoelectronic potential of Ag-Bi-I rudorffites and related lead-free perovskite-inspired materials.  

This paper has been published in the journal Nano-Micro Letters, where it can be freely downloaded under the terms of an open-access license.

V. Pecunia†*, Y. Yuan*, J. Zhao, K. Xia, Y. Wang, S. Duhm, L. Portilla, F. Li, Perovskite-Inspired Lead-Free Ag2BiI5 for Self-Powered NIR-Blind Visible Light Photodetection, Nano-Micro Letters, 12:27, 2020. DOI: 10.1007/s40820-020-0371-0


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