Vincenzo has published a review on organic and perovskite narrowband photodetectors

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Prof. Pecunia has authored a review article on the subject of organic and perovskite narrowband photodetectors for Journal of Physics: Materials (Institute of Physics), where it can be freely downloaded under the terms of an open-access license.

Organic and perovskite semiconductors are two key emerging semiconductor technologies for narrowband photodetection, which is in high demand for a wide range of applications—e.g., colourimetry, computer vision, biomedicine, and visible-light communications. This review article provides a detailed, cross-sectional discussion of the relevant literature, thereby allowing the readers to gain a comprehensive and up-to-date view of this rapidly growing research area. Highlights of this review are: a) a newly-developed unified categorisation of the narrowband strategies pursued with organic and perovskite semiconductors; and b) the identification of key trends pertaining to photoconversion efficiency and spectral selectivity in relation to material properties, device architectures, and processing strategies. 

V. Pecunia†*, “Efficiency and Spectral Performance of Narrowband Organic and Perovskite Photodetectors: a Cross-Sectional Review”, Journal of Physics: Materials, 2, 042001, 2019. DOI: 10.1088/2515-7639/ab336a


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