Group Overview
The Pecunia Group of Thin-Film Optoelectronics is a multidisciplinary research group working in the area of emerging solution-processible semiconductors for large-area optoelectronics and energy applications. The group was founded and is led by Prof. Vincenzo Pecunia. 

We are based at the Institute of Functional Nano & Soft Materials (FUNSOM) of Soochow University, China. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art experimental facilities within our own group's laboratories (Materials and Device Lab and Physical Characterization Lab) as well as within our Institute. 
Our research is at the intersection of physics, materials science, and electronics engineering, and involves the investigation of environmentally-friendly, solution-processed semiconductors, such as organic semiconductors, lead-free perovskites, amorphous metal-oxide semiconductors, and carbon nanotubes. We focus on the experimental characterisation and conditioning of the optoelectronic properties of these materials, as well as their device applications in thin-film transistors, solar cells, and photodetectors. By gaining detailed understanding of their optoelectronic and device properties, we seek to rationally realise the full potential of these semiconductors for large-area optoelectronics and energy applications.

Our team consists of a mix of postdoctoral researchers, research assistants, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students with multidisciplinary background in physics, materials science, electronics engineering, and chemistry. 
Principal Investigator

    Prof. Vincenzo Pecunia

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr. Abhisek Chakraborty Dr. Luis Portilla Dr. Chaewon Kim

Research Assistant

Kai Xia

Postgraduate Students

Yang Cao Yachen Li

Jianjun Mei Jing Zhao Ting Zhao

Former Group Members

Fengzhu Li Yueheng Peng Yan Wang

Yue Yuan  Zhongnan Zhang Chenhui Zhu

Guangpeng Zhu


Vincenzo at Spring MRS 2021
Apr 19, 2021
Vincenzo presented at the 2021 Virtual MRS Spring Meeting.
Vincenzo at WNCST 2021
Mar 10, 2021
Vincenzo presented at the 2021 World Nano Congress on Advanced Science and Technology (WNCST 2021).
Vincenzo at InnoLAE 2021
Feb 24, 2021
Vincenzo presented at the 7th annual Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (innoLAE 2021).
Vincenzo at FLEX 2021
Feb 23, 2021
Vincenzo presented at the 20th FLEX Conference & Exhibition.
Vincenzo joins the Editorial Board of Nanotechnology
Feb 19, 2021
Prof. Pecunia is pleased to accept the invitation to join the Editorial Board of the journal Nanotechnology.
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